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Russian state-controlled and proxy media narratives 

September 19, 2021

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Disinformation narratives in Russian state-controlled and proxy media currently center on the Russian election. The ruling party appears to be preemptively undermining the election results. TV Zvezda, Tass, and Tsargrad have been the primary outlets for sowing doubt. The main narratives were that multiple countries have cyberattacked their voting system, that the US interfered in the election via Apple and Google, and a vague conspiracy-minded tone that amounts to “there are games afoot.” 

Apple and Google caved to Kremlin demands to remove Navalny’s app from the Russian stores. YouTube also appears to have removed a Navalny video that did not violate YouTube’s terms. Earlier in the year, YouTube began deleting hyperlinks to a video about which candidates would most likely beat the current ruling party opponent. The move bodes ominously for Russian dissidents and opposition groups, which have been facing increasingly authoritarian responses from the government.

The Russian government has already called out multiple countries for meddling in its election, including the US who was blamed for the largest share of the cyberattack in Security Labs.



  • The Great Reset: How a ‘Managerial Revolution’ Was Plotted 80 Years Ago by a Trotskyist-turned-CIA Neocon [Strategic Culture, Sept 17] 
  • American COVID-19 vaccine left people vulnerable to cancer [Tsargrad, Sept 17]
  • Trump: someone else is running the US instead of Biden [NewsFront,  Sept 17]
  • Oregon Senators File Formal Grand Jury Petition Calling for Investigation into CDC’s Willful Misconduct to Hyperinflate COVID-19 Data Following Federal Law Violations [Global Research, Sept 16]
  • Indictment of Democrat lawyer who lied to the FBI proves that the “Russiagate” scandal was created by Hillary Clinton Campaign [USA Really, Sept 19]
  • The “Secret Agenda” of the So-called Elite and the COVID mRNA Vaccine. “Reducing World Population”? [Global Research, Sept 19]


Vaccines and COVID-19

  • The Most Important Article on mRNA Vaccination You Will Ever Read [Unz, Sept 18]
  • Video: Towards Digital Tyranny. # Say No to the Covid Vaccine Passport [Global Research, Sept 18]
  • Booster insisting pharma giant calculates vaccination efficacy duration [Tsargrad, Sept 17]
  • Corrupted COVID-19 vaccine injected in three German cities [Tsargrad, Sept 17]
  • Russian senate speaker expects EU to approve Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine [Tass, Sept 18]


Sowing discord and division

Outrage bait

  • DiSanti’s Right Hand ‘Man’ – Florida’s GOP Mask Hater Guru Bites the Big One…’Murdered By Covid’ [Veterans Today, Sept 17]
  • Trump Loving Boogaloo Boy Gets 50 Years for ‘Asswipe Banter’ [Veterans Today, Sept 17]
  • Biden’s Drone Killed Children in Kabul. Pentagon Confirmed the Massacre [Veterans Today, Sept 18]
  • Anti-Vaxx Couple Dead of COVID – ‘Alabama Pickers’ PLUCKED! [Veterans Today, Sept 17] 

Sex and Gender 

  • Appeals court overturns controversial ruling on child gender treatment in UK; doctors CAN prescribe puberty blockers to under-16s [RT, Sept 17] 
  • Gender gestapo celebrate win as tin-eared UK judges overturn ban on puberty blockers for under-16s who need help, not hormones [RT, Sept 17] 

Racism and Extremism

  • Capitol Police says ‘threats’ justify heightened security at rally over January 6 ‘political prisoners’ [RT, Sept 17]
  • Court blocks North Carolina voter ID law, says it discriminates against black people [RT, Sept 17] 
  • White men are now almost extinct on university campuses – and that’s exactly what feminists want [RT, Sept 17] 
  • Alt-Right Proud Boys Warn Members to Avoid ‘Trap’ of Washington DC Rally [Sputnik, Sept 17]
  • San Francisco’s Democrat mayor parties with BLM founder at jazz club, shrugs off violating her own mask mandate [RT, Sept 17]
  • Trump Allegedly Joked That Jared Kushner Is ‘More Loyal to Israel Than US’ [Sputnik, Sept 17]
  • Police and protestors flooded US Capitol for the “Justice for J6” rally [USA Really, Sept 19]


  • Biden invites illegals to come but did not let 10K immigrants in: Ted Cruz shows border crisis [USA Really, Sept 17]

US election integrity 

  • Trump Sends Letter to Top Georgia Officials Demanding to End ‘Illegitimate’ Biden’s Presidency [Sputnik, Sept 17] 


The West is bad and everyone is mean to Russia

Russia is strong

  • Russia Responded to an American Strategic Ruse With the S-500 (Sonar 2050) [The Saker, Sept 18]
  • European generals decided not to anger Russian army just in case [NewsFront, Sept 17]
  • That no one will resign for killing Kabul children shows the American empire’s true face [RT, Sept 18] 
    • Same subject [Ruptly, Sept 17]
    • Repeat [Ruptly, Sept 17]

US is bad

  • Was A Russian Warplane Targeted Over Northeastern Syria? (Photos) [SouthFront, Sept 18]
  • There is Evidence Someone is Attacking the US with Deadly Levels of Radiation and it is being Covered Up [Veterans Today, Sept 18] 
  • US has a day of honesty. Russian Foreign Minister says ‘Give me a week!’ [Tsargrad, Sept 17] 
    • Duplicated [TV Zvezda, Sept 17]
  • PLA Slams US as ‘Destroyer of Peace’ After American Warship Sails Through Taiwan Strait [Sputnik, Sept 18] 
  • NY gov releases nearly 200 detainees from crisis-ridden Rikers Island jail, where staff shortages saw inmates ‘running the asylum’ [RT, Sept 17]
  • The US split NATO. The expert assessed the consequences pf the creation of a new alliance for Europe. [Tsargrad, Sept 17] 
    • Repeat narrative [Tsargrad, Sept 19]

NATO is bad too

  • Video: Protesters in Greece Burn US, NATO Flags as Alliance Holds Annual Meeting [Sputnik, Sept 18] 


Nordstream – 2

  • Political Scientist: “Screaming Minority” In Germany Interferes With “Nord Stream – 2” [Tsargrad, Sept 18]
  • The US has recommended Ukraine to forget about Nord Stream 2 [NewsFront, Sept 17]


Russia defends traditional values and is the best

Censorship and Freedom

  • USA: Free Speech Is Under Attack [Katehon, Sept 18] 
  • US Constitution and Bill of Rights were labeled with “Harmful Language Alert” [USA Really, Sept 18]
  • ‘The law doesn’t apply in America anymore,’ hacktivist Marty Gottesfeld tells RT from jail [RT, Sept 18] 

Defender of threatened values

  • Russia has banned screening of a film that dishonors Christians [Tsargrad, Sept 18]

Russia is the best

  • Pentagon Warns Europe of Russia Posing Bigger Security Threat Than China [Sputnik, Sept 18]
  • Russia Possesses ‘Unbelievable Military Power’ After Transforming Forces, US General Says [Sputnik, Sept 17] 
    • Duplicate story [Tsargrad, Sept 17]
  • Security Council deputy chief points to US role in worsening of Russia-West relations [Tass, Sept 17] 


Stirring the geopolitical pot

French-Australia-US discord

  • France: No Trust in Australia after Subs Deal Collapse [Geopoltica.ru, Sept 17]
  • Russian senator comments on conflict between France, Australia [NewsFront, Sept 18] 
  • US in the fight against China: what is behind the decision to establish new US military bases in Australia [NewsFront, Sept 18]
  • ‘Freedom Fries’ back on the menu? US-France row over submarine deal with Australia revives Bush-era meme [RT, Sept 18] 
  • France Recalls Ambassadors From US, Australia for Consultations over AUKUS Alliance [Sputnik, Sept 17]
  • Australia Continues Its Plunge Into Authoritarianism and Military Brinkmanship [Strategic Culture, Sept 17]

Historical Revisionism

  • Rus-Ukraine is forgotten. The time has come for ‘United Lands’: Arestovich issued a new name [Tsargrad, Sept 18]
  • Ukraine again proposed to rename the country [TV Zvezda, Sept 18]
  • ‘Irony of Historical Proportions’: Iran Ex-FM Zarif Muses on US Deal to Sell Australia Nuclear Subs [Sputnik, Sept 17]
  • History of hysteria: Ukraine was frightened by “attacks” from Russia and Belarus after the SSA “West-2021” [TV Zvezda, Sept 19]


  • Kabul should not forget: Turkey was a major part of the NATO mission in Afghanistan [Strategic Culture, Sept 17] 


  • Washington’s rift with Riyadh grows deeper [New Eastern Outlook, Sept 16]
  • China Officially Declares George Soros a ‘Global Terrorist’ – He’s ‘the Son of Satan’ [Geopolitica.ru, Sept 17]


Russian election integrity

Fake or fraudulent voters

  • There Are Already Seven Thousand Fakes – And This Is Just The Beginning. Information Warfare During Voting Days [Tsargrad, Sept 18]
  • Political consultant predicted ‘significant difference’ in online voting results [Tsargrad, Sept 18]
  • Over 40% registered for e-voting in Moscow voted online by mid-Friday [Tass, Sept 17]
    • Quote shows potential for extreme election manipulation: “More than two million Moscow residents were registered for e-voting and will not be given paper ballots should they come to a polling station.”

There are games afoot

  • More than a hundred DDOS attacks were repelled after the start of online voting in Moscow [TV Zvezda, Sept 18]
    • The head of the Investigative Committee instructed to organize a check on the fact of attacks on online voting systems [TV Zvezda, Sept 17]
    • Russia’s ruling party reports attack on its digital service [Tass, Sept 17]
  • We bought a place in smart vote? The dull scheme was described by analysts [Tsargrad, Sept 17]
  • German media caught telling lies about Russian elections: Where does the information come from? [Tsargrad, Sept 17]
  • The investigative committee takes up cyberattacks for State Duma [Tsargrad, Sept 17]
  • Russian ambassador called the Swiss media reports about the “non-admission of the opposition to the elections” fakes [NewsFront, Sept 19]

Just kidding — our elections are great

  • Federation Council of the Russian Federation announced the absolute transparency of the elections to the State Duma [TV Zvezda, Sept 19]
  • United Russia Pary leads in parliamentary elections with over 12% of ballots counted – exit poll [Sputnik, Sept 19]

US meddling in our elections

  • “Harmful” election bot bypassed blocking in Telegram: Provocations continue [Tsargrad, Sept 17]
    • Same story  [TV Zvezda, Sept 17]
  • Telegram messenger restricts access to bots associated with campaigning — founder [Tass, Sept 17]
  • “I’ll leave it to their conscience if it remains”: Zakharova responded to NYT’s article on Google and Apple [Tsargrad, Sept 17]
  • No more chances for Apple, Google to dodge Russian laws — diplomat [Tass, Sept 17]
  • Apple, Google ‘caught red-handed’ violating Russian law on elections — lawmaker [Tass, Sept 17]
  • CEC of Russia reported on powerful cyberattacks on its website, 50% of which are carried out from the United States [Security Lab, Sept 19]
    • Another article claims: “Such attacks are carried out from the United States (50%), Germany (25%), Russia (10%) and China (5%), the head of the CEC said during a discussion at the Moscow Public Headquarters for Election Observation.”
    • Repeat narrative [Tsargrad, Sept 19]

Reporting coverage

  • Turnout on first day of elections for the new state Duma exceeded 16 percent [Tsargrad, Sept 17
  • Work of Russian online voting systems stable despite cyberattacks [Tass, Sept 17]
  • How Putin was able to vote online without a gadget: the Kremlin revealed a secret [Tsargrad, Sept 17]