Pro-Kremlin trending media tracker


Below you will find a collection of pro-Kremlin media trackers that show the trending headlines among subsets of sources like English-language or Ukraine-specific.

Data included in the tables are from outlets that have been recognized 1) by the federal government or another Western intelligence agency, 2) by research organizations that provide supporting evidence, or 3) from website partnerships and republished content, as either: Russian state-controlled, a partner, a content creator, or an amplifier, which means that the outlet may have no concrete ties to the Kremlin.

While some of these outlets do have concrete ties to the Russian state, some included in the data do not. Inclusion in the database should not be regarded as an assertion that an outlet is affiliated with the Russian state nor that the story is false, misleading, or otherwise nefarious.

The collection of data is automated using RSS. The Buzzsumo algorithm then determines which articles are “trending” and articles that trend are entered into the Hoaxlines database. Dates and headlines have not been verified.